Apple’s iPhone Event: The Stunning Moment That Changed Everything


Apple’s Scary Fast event on Monday was full of exciting announcements, such as the launch of the new M3 chip series for Macs, and the update of MacBook Pros and iMacs. But what really caught the attention of many during the event was a surprising revelation: the whole video presentation was made using an iPhone.

IPhone-Exclusive Production

At the end of the event, a title card proudly stated, “This event was shot on iPhone and edited on Mac.” This was a first for Apple, as the entire keynote event video, including the speakers, the locations, and even the drone footage, was filmed using an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple has been using professionally made and edited pre-recorded videos for its product launch events since 2020, instead of live presentations in person. But this event was the first time that Apple used only an iPhone for its video production, showing off the device’s amazing capabilities.

A Professional Setup Behind-the-Scenes of Apple Event Shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max – a Sign of Things to Come? | CineD Source: CIneD But this was not just a simple case of someone holding an iPhone 15 Pro Max to record the event. The $1,199 phone was part of a sophisticated setup, with expensive accessories such as a camera crane, drone, gimbal, and dolly. These accessories, along with external hard drives for storage, external microphones for sound quality, and professional lighting for perfect visuals, helped create a smooth and professional video production.

The video shoot and post-production process involved a team of skilled professionals, making sure that the final product met the high standards expected from Apple. Even though the iPhone was the core of the project, the equipment and expertise required for the production were not cheap, probably costing tens of thousands of dollars.


Apple’s History Of IPhone-Generated Content Apple has a history of promoting videos made on iPhones, with famous directors and artists using the device to create full-length movies, music videos, and more. In this case, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the free Blackmagic Camera app, was used to record ProRes video in Apple Log format. This allowed for flexibility in color grading and noise reduction, even when shooting in difficult low-light situations. Apple’s behind-the-scenes look at the production process highlighted the versatility and capability of the iPhone for professional video creation. From night-time shoots at Apple Park to innovative uses of technology, this event’s production showed that the iPhone can compete in the world of high-quality video production.