Punjab Excise Department Launching a doorstep Service for Motor Registration and Transfer Process


The Punjab Excise Department has introduced a user-friendly process that allows citizens to register or transfer their motorcycles and vehicles from the comfort of their homes.

This initiative is expected to revolutionize the vehicle ownership procedures in the region, which are often tedious and time-consuming.

The process is simple and easy for the public to access. Citizens who want to register or transfer their vehicles can start the process by calling the Punjab Information Technology Board’s helpline at 080008786 to book an appointment.

At the scheduled time, a trained Excise Department official will visit the applicant’s home to assist them with the registration or transfer of their vehicle. The service eliminates the need for multiple visits to government offices, as all the paperwork can be done online. The fees for registration or transfer can also be paid online through banking channels.

The Excise Department official will provide the necessary information, including the registration number, and help the applicant with the online payment through a Point of Sale (POS) device.

After the payment is completed, the registration number for the vehicle will be issued immediately. The Excise Department official will verify the required documents and send them to the applicant’s address via Pakistan Post.

This innovative approach not only saves time for the citizens but also improves the overall efficiency of the Excise Department’s operations. By using technology and streamlining processes, Punjab Excise is bringing government services closer to the people.

With this initiative, Punjab is setting a high standard for other regions, encouraging them to modernize administrative processes and meet the needs of the public. The era of hassle-free vehicle registration and transfers has arrived with Punjab Excise at your service.