Punjab Excise is Planning to Launch Virtual Smart Card


The Excise department had difficulty issuing new cards before the temporary extension ended. It managed to issue more than 80,000 registration cards. However, the tender process for the new cards was slow and did not progress beyond the technical bid stage.

As a result, the Excise department has a backlog of 2.5 million number plates to issue.

Moreover, the cost of smart registration cards for cars and motorbikes in Punjab is likely to increase significantly. This is because of the sharp rise in the US dollar’s exchange rate against the Pakistani Rupee.

To address the delay issue, the Excise Department is thinking of introducing virtual smart cards. These cards will be digital versions of the physical registration cards and can be obtained online.

The Excise Department has already asked the provincial government to approve the virtual smart cards. Once approved, this digital solution will be quickly implemented, offering a convenient and efficient way for vehicle owners to register their vehicles.

With virtual smart cards, citizens can register their vehicles online without any hassle. The Excise Department’s website will have the cards available for download, ensuring easy access for all vehicle owners in the province.

Additionally, the Excise Department has recently started a doorstep service for vehicle registration. By calling the Punjab Information Technology Board’s helpline 080008786, citizens can request the doorstep service, where a department representative will come to their location and complete the registration process on the spot.